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abstract 1251701042 issue 125 pp. 611 – 622 31.01.2017 ru 382
Contradictory processes of transformation of market relations makes for a fresh look at the problems of formation and development of favorable business environment, serving as a catalyst for the effective functioning of the business sector. During the years of reform, transformations in the domestic economy has developed a full-fledged business sector, but the modern period is characterized by the search for new forms, methods and conditions for its further development, most of which forms a favorable business environment. A necessary condition for effective development of the business environment at the regional level it is monitored on the basis of complex quantitative and qualitative indicators. In this regard, it is increasing the relevance methodological developments in the assessment of the level of development of favorable business environment. The article suggests a methodical approach to the assessment of the business environment, which served as the basis of multi-criteria evaluation of a combination of factors affecting the business climate in the region. As a productive indicator is proposed to use the comfort factor of doing business. The main stage of the methodology is the formation of expert groups in the field of entrepreneurship and the definition of competence of each expert. The result is a matrix of criteria five indicators to assess factors influencing the business environment. Based on the assessment of the business environment of Stavropol territory is divided into five typological groups, characterizing district municipalities: areas with a very high level of development of the business environment, areas with high level of development, areas with a moderate level of development of the business environment, with low level areas with a very low level of development of the business environment. Thus, the developed approaches to the assessment of the level of development of the business climate, will allow to justify the participation of entrepreneurial structures in various regional programmes of support and development of entrepreneurship