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Guryanova Svetlana Vladimirovna

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Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of bioorganic chemistry

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abstract 1311707049 issue 131 pp. 559 – 571 29.09.2017 ru 631
The revolutionary discoveries of recent years in immunology has proved that protection from infections and biological aggression leading role played by innate immunity, which leads to the launch and subsequent work of specific adaptive immunity. Today, it is well-known that almost any pathology of the animal affects the immune system and creates an immune imbalance, leading to development of chronic pathological process, frequent relapses and to the development of different kind of complications. Secondary immunodeficiency states are widely distributed and differ in many etiological factors age, nutritional, medicinal, infectious and neoplastic nature, which leads to increased susceptibility of animal to various раthogenic factors, the weakening of the body. Awareness of the role of immunological disorders in the pathogenesis of a number of diseases has led to the need use in veterinary medicines that are aimed to influence on the immune system of the animal at the known molecular mechanism, to combine safety with high clinical efficacy. In this respect, a promising immunomodulators of microbial origin, due to the knowledge of the recognition mechanisms of the innate immune system such as bacteria as a whole, separate structural units, including mini-optimal biologically active fragments. This review is dedicated to one of the immunomodulator of microbial origin – which is an analog of biologically active fragment of muramyldipeptide of bacterial cell walls ‒ glucosaminylmuramildipeptide (GMDP), which is the active substance of registrated in Russia drug with the trade name Glicopin for use in veterinary practice. The drug showed high efficiency when used in cats, dogs, rodents, ferrets with infections of bacterial and viral etiology; cancer; with the aim of improving the natural resistance of the organism of young and old animals; enhance the effectiveness of vaccination in immunocompromised animals; postvaccine reduce complications; reduce stress financial position, such as during transportation and various veterinary treatments; injuries and on-line intervention (for stimulation of repair processes and tissue regeneration); prevention of immunodeficiency in newborn animals; the reduction of postpartum involutional processes in the uterus. Analysis of literature data allows us to consider an important outcome of immunologiс discoveries of recent years is the change of views on the question of the treatment of infectious diseases and the role of drugs as activators of innate immunity, among which an important role is played by a synthetic analogue of muramyldipeptide (GMDP) is a drug with a known molecular mechanism of action