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Afanaseva Maria Aleksandrovna

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abstract 1331709030 issue 133 pp. 365 – 378 30.11.2017 ru 1277
Presently, the problem of carrying into effect of distance technologies in higher education is becoming more urgent. The article analyzes various software products with the help of which a distance course can be developed, and the stages of its development are described. The choice of modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment Moodle as a system for organizing distance courses in higher education is founded. There are described not only the advantages of Moodle learning environment, but also the drawback which is connected with the impossibility to identify a user that requires additional use of information technologies. There are also regarded the methodical and technical features of the distance learning course development in this learning environment. A particular attention is paid to the interactive coordination of the teacher and students, which is realized by creating a chat or forum for convenient and fast exchange of messages between users, besides, the teacher has the possibility to monitor the work of students not only offering control and test tasks, but also determining the deadline for the assignment to be fulfilled, the possibility of a repeated access to correct errors. There is presented the experience of developing a distance course in the Moodle study environment at the Priamursky State University for the discipline "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics"