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abstract 1331709031 issue 133 pp. 379 – 401 30.11.2017 ru 717
In this article, we discuss the relationship between the previously obtained model for calculating atomic radii with electrodynamics, the hydrodynamic model of the planets of the Solar System, and the R-function of the structural organization of electronic systems. It is shown that the curve of the dependence of the value of the correction coefficient e x on the atomic number of the element in form coincides with the dependence of the ionization energy on the mass of the atom and the R-function on the nuclear charge. The concept of the "atomic nucleus potential", which takes into account the energy of the nucleus and the charge of the nucleus of the atom, is introduced. It is shown that the radius of an atom is the product of the nuclear potential by a factor kx , taking into account the characteristics of electronic levels; the energy of the nuclear reaction is the work of the forces of the field (potential) of the atomic nucleus along the displacement of the atomic charge. The dependence of the potential of the nucleus on the charge number in the Mendeleev’s Periodic Table is shown. It is shown that any system of satellites (or atomic shells) has a constant ratio of its Kepler number to the mass of the central body around which they rotate. It is shown that in the Table of Mendeleev's chemical elements and in the solar system, the fundamental value is the mass of the center (the nucleus of the atom or the center of the orbit). The ratio of the Kepler number to the mass of the central body is a constant, within the accuracy of construction and calculations