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Strelkova Anastasia Konstantinovna

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Kuban State Technological University

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abstract 1331709040 issue 133 pp. 505 – 516 30.11.2017 ru 1327
Modern representations of threpsology demonstrate importance of harmonization of eating which consists in providing an organism with all necessary feed elements in full and energy in the corresponding quantities and ratios. The causes of obesity and measures against it, sedentary lifestyle and diseases associated with these factors. Social significance of the problem evidence of the need to combat the spread of obesity. It is established that since 1975 the number of people suffering from obesity worldwide has increased more than three times; more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years and older were overweight, of which over 650 million people were obese; 39 % of adults 18 years and older, were overweight, and 13% were obese. The situation with obesity in the CIS countries is ambiguous. In the post-Soviet space, the situation with obesity in adults and children gradually becomes threatening. Domestic and foreign experience indicate that the most accessible and economically feasible method of correcting the nutrition and health of the population is the inclusion in the diet of modern man healthy food, having direct functional properties