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Miroshnichenko Ruzanna Vijulovna

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North-Caucasus Federal University

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abstract 1341710061 issue 134 pp. 760 – 770 29.12.2017 ru 323
In this article, we show the necessity of formation of a new concept "the sustainable development of qualitatively new economy of the pre-business structures", which emphasize human capital, knowledge economy and scientific and technological progress with access to new technological way. The author substantiates the necessity of using a systematic approach to quantitative and qualitative evaluation of sustainability of small and medium enterprises. The article describes three types of economic goals of small and medium enterprises, the achievement of which is aimed at sustainable development. The main emphasis in the sustainable development of small and medium enterprises is done on a new quality of economic growth. We have developed a methodology for assessing the sustainability of development of small and medium business organizations. The proposed method of multicriteria evaluation of the pace and quality of economic growth of small and medium-go business to identify the priority criteria and determining the factor indicators. Summarizing the conducted researches allowed the author to establish that when combining the categories of sustainability, quality of growth and efficiency of business activities in a single integrated system it is necessary to consider the whole set of conditions and factors of the business environment to achieve set goals in the individual subsystems