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Popov Sergey Sergeevich

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Azov-Black Sea Engineering Institute

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abstract 1171603036 issue 117 pp. 584 – 599 31.03.2016 ru 580
During 2012-2015 from the two fissile populations of rice hybrid Il.14 x Kuboyar and Il.28 x Kuboya we conducted multidirectional selection of panicles with low, medium and high number of grains in them. It was established a different reaction to the selection of hybrid generations by yield. The lowest yield was formed at planting grain from small panicles, intermediate - from the middle panicles and biggest - from the major panicles. The reaction to selection decreased with each successive generation. In the hybrid Il.14 x Kuboyar at positive selection of the yield increase towards the initial population F2 was in F3 - 10,5%, in the F4 - 3,8% and F5 - 1,9%, at Il.28 x Kuboyar - respectively 4, 4%, 3.1% and 0.7%. At negative selection in Il.14 x Kuboyar there was a decrease of yield on 7.7% F3, in F4 on 6.9% and in F5 on 0.2%. By years of research was not observed variations in grain yield obtained from the panicle with an average grainness and generally was at the level of the original population. At the hybrid Il.28 x Kuboyar for negative selection of the relative yield initially decreased on 1.7% in F3, while then for all kinds of selection to the fifth generation grew up and different to a lesser extent than the first the hybrid, although the ranks of the values preserved. The yield from a fraction of well-grained was 98.4%, medium grained - 96.5%, low grained - 94.2% of the initial Kuboyar variety