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Nilova Nadezhda Mikhailovna

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abstract 1141510101 issue 114 pp. 1386 – 1408 30.12.2015 ru 969
To develop detailed and effective business model of bakery enterprises of consumer cooperation it is necessary to have knowledge on strategic goods displayed on a busy segment of the market, not only in volumetric terms, but in the parameters that characterize the stability of sales or consumption. The particular relevance of this study reveals in modern conditions of functioning. The outcome of the baking enterprises of consumer cooperatives is more than 760 tons per day, distributed between 41 baking enterprise producing more than 300 kinds of products. Of course, the information on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the strategic positions of the range will be a key in making managerial decisions about the production of the program, resourcing, turnover, etc. To solve the problem we have chosen the method of ABC - and XYZ-analysis of assortment of production, based on the criteria of ease of use and breadth of the resulting information. As a result of the application of the methods of ABC and XYZ-analysis and combining the obtained results, we present a classification of the range of the baking enterprises of consumer cooperation product based on the criteria of the contribution of commodity positions in revenue and stability of sales
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abstract 1131509050 issue 113 pp. 674 – 697 30.11.2015 ru 768
In the article, we perform an analysis of socioeconomic activities of consumer cooperation of the Krasnodar region. The result was determined by actual range of problems of development of the existing system. One of the key sectors of activity of consumer cooperation is the bakery, where today there is an unstable situation. Interviewing the managers and employees of the Regional Union of Consumer Societies of Krasnodar, enterprises of the bakery of the system allowed us to determine that the main reason for this situation is a poorly developed strategy of development. To develop recommendations for strategic development of the baking industry of consumer cooperatives we have conducted a SWOTanalysis based on identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, assessment of potential opportunities and threats and structuring strengths and weaknesses. Quantitative evaluation of factors in the matrix of SWOT-analysis experts were conducted by involving practitioners and scientists in related fields. The processing of research results was carried out with the use of the instrumental medium called "extended SWOT matrix 1.0". As a result, the research has conclusions and gives recommendations for the use of the strengths of enterprises to overcome the possible threats, use the opportunities to strengthen weaknesses. The proposed creation of a single logistics system that will have a positive impact on the consolidation and expansion of assortment and the range of services provided, improve the product, change advertising technologies, build your brand, will allow us to enter new markets, increase production volumes of enterprises of bakery industries of system of consumer cooperation of the Krasnodar region