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abstract 1221608081 issue 122 pp. 1216 – 1231 31.10.2016 ru 527
Small businesses play a special role in the development of the state economy: the national budget from taxes, increasing the welfare of the population, the question of employment, the formation of competitive environment, cost containment and improving the quality of goods and services. In this regard, become topical issues related to the creation of favorable conditions for the functioning and development of management tools and mechanisms of development of organizations of this segment of the economy. This work aims to identify the key problems of functioning of small business organizations through the assessment of the development of this segment in the economy of the Krasnodar region. For the evaluation of small business development in the Krasnodar region we used basic unit of economic analysis aimed at determining the major trends of change in number of organizations average number of employees, revenues, as well as a number of relative indicators in the whole segment and by major activities. It was determined that the number of small businesses in the Krasnodar region for three years practically did not change, whereas a decrease in the number of workers employed in this segment, revenue has a small tendency to increase. In the structure of the segment is dominated by micro-enterprises, 47% operate in the trade sector. Indicators of development of small business organizations meet the classification criteria in terms of revenue for microenterprises and their share in total number of companies this segment is 1%. The results of the study say the lack of a clear strategy from small businesses, due to unavailability of tools for its development, expressed the high value of the resource and, as a consequence, ignoring this question when organizing the activities of enterprises. Therefore, the question becomes more urgent the development of tools of business modeling and strategic planning adapted to the requirements of this segment