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Tretyakova Natalya Romanovna

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Kuban State Technological University

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abstract 1311707110 issue 131 pp. 1339 – 1351 29.09.2017 ru 518
In the article the analysis of an entity of consumer value is provided, approaches to the description of a concept of value are discussed; problems of a research and measurement of consumer value are updated. The consumer value of goods expresses in a choice from a large number of similar goods, conditions for which can be its cost, qualitative characteristics, gradations, the sizes. It is set that in case of determination of consumer value it is impossible to be guided only by its cost, here its qualitative characteristics, conditions of the supplier and the level of service will be an important index for acquisition by wholesalers. The consumer value of production proceeds from the advantages got by the buyer from his acquisition and costs of its purchase made by it. In addition, to understand priorities of the buyer, it is necessary to select analysis stages of consumer value, which are divided into several processes; they include production, a market research, and questions of sale and support of production. Authors consider the value as one-dimensional and multivariate construction, select three basic approaches to value assessment. It is set that pricing based on prime cost is made from analytics of need of the buyer, with establishment of necessity of goods for it, and its cost should characterize its advantages
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abstract 1311707025 issue 131 pp. 248 – 259 29.09.2017 ru 500
Excess body weight is a serious problem, involving a set of diseases presently. For this reason, taking into account demands of science there was a development of production of food with the lowered energy value for the people having first of all obesity that led to production of substitutes. Even more often producers resort to use of nutritional supplements, which generally receive in synthetic way. In this article, we analyzed multiple references and summarized the material regarding beet fibers. As a result of numerous researches it has been proved that food fibers make favorable impact both on the separate systems of a human body, and on all organism. The use of the minor products of processing of the plant raw material is also critical; they allow improving the preventive properties of products and enriching them with dietary fibers, protein, and mineral elements and also development of food development of curative and preventive action. Citri-Fi food fibers which are received from dried-up orange pulp are well-known, they can keep a large amount of water throughout technological process. They exert positive impact on structure of fat that gives the chance to create a product with the lowered content of fat