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Petrushin Evgenii Olegovich

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abstract 1321708061 issue 132 pp. 762 – 771 31.10.2017 ru 386
This article covers the qualitative difference between small, middle and large oil and gas business companies. Difficulties are shown while transferring from small into big business. Special methods of technology adaptation in oil and gas management are given when transferring from small into big business. The adaptation managing technological methods are defined in oil and gas enterprises while transferring ftom small into big business. The main problem in this case is the absence of adequate mechanisms of management efficiency. Such mechanisms would show quite exactly the role of each of the subjects of corporate relations and would form effective communications, state definite managing tasks, produce a definite control of their realization, connecting them with the system of encouragement and motivation. While transferring from small and medium into big business in oil and gas industry the struggle inside of the corporation strengthens for the influence over the finical aspects. This general struggle should be transformed into in cooperation and general development of the corporation, management and owners of the company. In this sphere most of modern researches are fixed on the adaptation of foreign methods, technologies of management to problems of Russian oil and gas companies. For solving this problem it is necessary to work out quite a different approach which will be based not on copying positive forms of relations but on formation conditions for a new type of Russian corporative management with economic, historical and social specialties of the national management