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Gluschenko Sergey Gennadevich

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abstract 1351801013 issue 135 pp. 147 – 157 31.01.2018 ru 180
In this work, the authors presented the results of monitoring urolithiasis in cats in Krasnodar in the period from 2016-2017. The authors established the sexual, age and breed predisposition of animals to this pathology; the seasonality of the disease was studied. An analysis of the actual data and reports of various authors made it possible to conclude that urolithiasis in cats is a polyethological disease. As a result of carried out hematological studies, the presence of an inflammatory process, which was manifested by lymphocytopenia, an insignificant increase in neutrophils and monocytes, as well as hematocrit, was ascertained. A laboratory analysis of urine showed that urine, as a rule, is turbid with an admixture of blood and sand, precipitating rapidly. The authors found an increase in the volume of urine in sick animals due to the inability to remove it, the specific gravity fluctuated within the limits of 1.015-1.020; pH = 7.5-8. With microscopy of the urine sediment, both unorganized and organized sediments were detected. The ultrasound examination of the bladder showed the presence in its cavity echo-positive particles in a suspended state, as well as sections of the desquamated mucosa