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abstract 1351801013 issue 135 pp. 147 – 157 31.01.2018 ru 180
In this work, the authors presented the results of monitoring urolithiasis in cats in Krasnodar in the period from 2016-2017. The authors established the sexual, age and breed predisposition of animals to this pathology; the seasonality of the disease was studied. An analysis of the actual data and reports of various authors made it possible to conclude that urolithiasis in cats is a polyethological disease. As a result of carried out hematological studies, the presence of an inflammatory process, which was manifested by lymphocytopenia, an insignificant increase in neutrophils and monocytes, as well as hematocrit, was ascertained. A laboratory analysis of urine showed that urine, as a rule, is turbid with an admixture of blood and sand, precipitating rapidly. The authors found an increase in the volume of urine in sick animals due to the inability to remove it, the specific gravity fluctuated within the limits of 1.015-1.020; pH = 7.5-8. With microscopy of the urine sediment, both unorganized and organized sediments were detected. The ultrasound examination of the bladder showed the presence in its cavity echo-positive particles in a suspended state, as well as sections of the desquamated mucosa
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abstract 1231609137 issue 123 pp. 2059 – 2069 30.11.2016 ru 415
According to the veterinary reporting on 01.01.2016, presence of a bird in the agricultural organizations and poultry farms makes 13 million 440 thousand heads, in the private sector (hens, geese, ducks, etc.) - 6 million 287 thousand heads. In 2015 in the Krasnodar region 3 million 337 thousand 127 heads were subjected to bacterination against smallpox and a diphtheria. Data on registration of outbreak of smallpox of birds in a private farmstead of the Krasnodar region are presented in article. The case rate and a mortality at hens of breeds of Kulanga and Bramah and pigeons of the Andijan breed are studied. The dermal, diphtheroid and admixed forms of clinical implication of smallpox at hens of different breeds and pigeons in this farmstead are studied. Pathoanathomical features of implication of smallpox of birds are studied. The biological test on chickens of 3-4-month age and a microscopy of the painted smears prints on Pashena is carried out. In smears Pashen's little bodies are found. The events for elimination of a disease in this LTD including rejection of a sick bird, the compelled bacterination at an acquisitive bird, mechanical cleaning and disinfection in a hen house and a dovecot, isolation and a symptomatic treatment of breeding birds are developed and held
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abstract 1371803036 issue 137 pp. 220 – 229 30.03.2018 ru 144
One of the most widespread infections affecting newborn pigs is colibacillosis. The set of factors contributes to the development of this disease: non-compliance with elementary veterinary health regulations of conducting pig-breeding, an error in technologies of contents and feeding, stressful situations, and as a result, emergence of the specific factors contributing to illness emergence (dysbacterioses, activation of conditionally pathogenic microflora). In addition, not always specific prophylaxis of colibacillosis is in due time and successfully carried out that is generally bound to disharmony of antigenic composition vaccine drug and originator of the pathogenic potential. In this connection, use of new agents and ways of improvement of prophylaxis of colibacillosis for pigs is represented a current problem in veterinary medicine. The purpose of this work was studying diffusion of colibacillosis among bacterial infections of pigs and establishment preventive efficiency of colibacillosis anatoxin at vaccination the pregnant pigs. Dispersal of colibacillosis was studied in a complex with use the epizootological, anamnestic, clinical, pathologicoanatomic, bacteriological methods of research and also on basis materials the veterinary reports of economy. Allocation of microorganisms was carried out with use differential and diagnostic, selective mediums, identification − with use of traditional methods of bacteriological diagnostics, on the basis cultural, the tinktorial and biochemical properties. Researches showed what colibacillosis at pigs is registered in 37,5-51,4% of cases and wins first place among infections of pigs of a bacterial etiology. When studying efficiency prophylaxis of colibacillosis with bacterination use the pregnant pigs anatoxin containing three types inactivated by formalin exotoxins of the Escherichia coli, have established decrease in indicators of incidence and lethality also high safety of pigs (96%) concerning Escherichia coli
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abstract 1361802029 issue 136 pp. 179 – 188 28.02.2018 ru 112
The article presents data on the prevalence of colibacillosis of pigs in farms of the Krasnodar region in the period 2010-2016. Colibacillosis is widespread in pig farms of the Krasnodar region. In different years, it was recorded at 32.6 - 55.6% of bacterial infectious diseases of pigs. And only in 2013-2014, in farms of the region colibacillosis was not registered. Among the bacterial pathology, colibacillosis in pigs in the farms of the Krasnodar region is in the first place after staphyloccocus (3 - 15 %), streptoccocus (2-13,7 %), and diseases caused by conditionally pathogenic microflora (17,9-20 %). In the Krasnodar region, we annually allocate different serotypes of E. Coli that vary depending on areas and farms, however, regularly in pigs in the Krasnodar region there are the following serotypes: A8, О20, О119, О26, О86 in Bryukhovetskiy, Dinskoy, Kalininskiy, Korenovskiy, Kurganinskiy, Kushchevskaiy, Labinskiy regions of the Krasnodar territory. According to the reports of outbreaks, colibacillosis in pigs for several years were recorded in the Central, Korenovskiy, Kushchevskaya, Labinskiy, Primorsko-Akhtarskiy, Seversky, Slavyanskiy, Tbilisskiy, Timashevskiy, Ust-Labinskiy districts of the Krasnodar region and in the city of Krasnodar. After 2013-2014, after the total absence of the disease in the region, there were reported outbreaks in 2015 in some farms in the Timashevskiy district, and in 2016 – in Kurganinskiy
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abstract 1231609070 issue 123 pp. 1011 – 1025 30.11.2016 ru 559
In the article data on spread of chronic endometritises at cows are provided. The microflora range, being in genitals of patients with a chronic endometritis of cows is determined. We have developed a new drug called Florinazol and we also determined his antimicrobic and fungicide activity. Researches on determination of acute and chronic toxicity, and also irritant action on a mucous membrane of a uterus and a vagina are conducted. Researches on studying of influence of Florinazol on blood biochemistry at rabbits are conducted. The optimum therapeutic dose and frequency rate of its introduction is determined. By results of researches it is established that 24,8% of the cows containing on a farm with loose housing content and 10,6% of cows on a farm with fastened content have a chronic endometritis. At the same time in uterus content in 84,3% of cases isolated associations of bacteria and mushrooms in 65,2%, in 34,8% - monocultures of microorganisms. Offered by us means the danger class belongs to substances lowdangerous by the 4th. Doesn't possess irritant action, doesn't exert a negative impact on blood biochemistry, and also has outstanding therapeutic performance of 90% in case of its application in a dose of 100 ml intra-vaginal at an interval of 48 hours