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Malashkevich Elena Vladimirovna

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Don state agrarian University

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abstract 0831209054 issue 83 pp. 776 – 785 30.11.2012 ru 1535
Poultry farming is characterized by a relatively low cost of production, so it is more cost-effective compared with other sectors of animal husbandry. However, the feed of plant and animal origin used in the poultry industry does not always correspond to the requirements of biological safety and are subject to damage by fungi producing mycotoxins, causing extensive economic damage. Therefore, to improve the performance of the cultivation of chickens broilers was used natural sorbent - ekobentokorm (from the local cheap raw materials - bentonite clay), which is not only a source of macro - and microelements, but also with adsorptive activity in respect to mycotoxins, endotoxins, salts of heavy metals and pathogenic microflora, improves digestion and metabolism