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Olgarenko Vladimir Igorevich

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Federal State Scientific Establishment «The Russian scientific research institute of land improvement problems»

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abstract 1071503013 issue 107 pp. 207 – 218 31.03.2015 ru 877
The article is devoted to the study of growth peculiarities of summer potato on floodplain lands of Southern Russia. High and stable yields in big farms are possible using substantiated planting time of potato which depends on specific soil – climatic conditions of the area as well as potato cultivation technology elements improvement under irrigation. The latter will provide in turn water and power resources economy. The results of field research to determine planting time allow defining the most favorable conditions for potato cultivation in the given soil-climatic zone. The analysis of data obtained on differential irrigation regimes gives a possibility to determine common regularities of irrigation standards impact on potato growth efficiency. The regime proposed is in conformity with the concept of ecological land reclamation and takes into account a moderate anthropogenic impact on landscape processes under a permissible level of summer potato productivity decrease. Therefore proposed optimal time of summer planting and rational irrigation regime will increase industrial efficiency of potato production and provide environmental safety of irrigation on floodplain lands of South Russia while allowing to economize water and power resources