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Mkrtychyan Anzhelika Aramaisovna

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abstract 1071503043 issue 107 pp. 614 – 631 31.03.2015 ru 1177
The article is devoted to the urgent problems of modern realities- restructuring and improvement of material-technical base of the branch on the basis of technical and organizational-ecological renovation of production. There was considered the scientific-technical revolution in agriculture in the article. There was cited the analysis of works of some economists working with different aspects of the theory of developed economic systems and the theory of innovation components determining the effectiveness of reproduction processes. There were cited the main principles of the law of development of economic systems and their action and as well as there was presented algebraically the law of composition and proportionality (harmony) in the article. There was underlined that for normal motion of reproduction is necessary to supply not only the rational proportions between branches of producing things of personal consumption but fro this is necessary to supply the composition and proportions between different branches inside of each these subdivisions. The present methodological and methodical apparatus does not give the possibilities properly to determine the points of bifurcation and effective limits of innovation-orientation restructuring of giving the possibility to increase the competitiveness, effectiveness and capitalization of an enterprise. We have also presented a complex of tasks of innovation-orientation restructuring of an enterprise in the article. The cyclic character of processes of innovation-orientation restructuring is supplied with introduction except of consequent realization of processes the reverse connection as a monitoring of a motion of restructuring as a deviation of results from planned ones. There were offered the structure and the stages of models of innovation-orientation restricting which includes the search of points of bifurcation and limits of restructuring effectiveness