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abstract 1301706044 issue 130 pp. 625 – 650 30.06.2017 ru 286
Features of intraeconomic economic relations, the specifics of the management system at the enterprise are determined by many factors. Judging by currently known management concepts, we can say that domestic enterprises often make a choice in favor of downsizing, which is a short- or medium-term survival strategy. The most promising in the context of the regulation of intraeconomic economic relations is the concept of reengineering. It is supplemented by the principles of controlling. Aside from choosing an effective management strategy, managers of agricultural enterprises to maintain an acceptable level of manageability and efficiency have to use internal calculation, which provides freedom of action and autonomy of structural units in maintaining the integrity of the organization. Finding ways to increase employee’s interest in the growth of the financial results of the organization actively conducted since the second half of the 20th century. So, widespread limit-cheque form of control of production costs, a model of wages as a residual, remuneration from self-financing income etc. However, in 1990 the accumulated experience of mutually beneficial internal relationships in many households in the country were lost, this has a negative impact on their financial condition. They are currently going through a revival, especially in the framework of large-scale agricultural production in the form of organizational economic mechanism. In the implementation, it is necessary to consider the state of the national economy and the level of development of the enterprise itself. It is necessary to distinguish clearly the economic space between the structural units of the organization, to ensure transparency in implementation of management functions and to eliminate the causes of potential corrupt practices from the leaders. Only then, the goal of on-farm calculation – sustainable functioning of agricultural enterprises in conditions of competition, – will be completed
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abstract 1331709039 issue 133 pp. 498 – 504 30.11.2017 ru 377
Winter wheat is very demanding on the nutrient regime of the soil. Like many winter crops, it consumes the nutrients unevenly distributed during the vegetation period, which must be considered when making them. Modern varieties of winter wheat are very demanding to soil fertility. For the formation of 4,0-4,5 t/ha requires about 140 kg of nitrogen, 50 kg phosphorus and 120 kg potassium. Therefore, without the use of fertilizers, it is not possible to obtain such a crop with high grain quality. In addition, in the cultivation of winter wheat in the high and intensive technologies simply need using large amounts of fertilizer to compensate for the removal of nutrients. This is especially important when having partial or complete reduction of application of organic fertilizers. Therefore, we consider the possibility and the results of studies using different doses, combinations and types of fertilizers in technology of winter wheat cultivation. Experimental studies were carried out in the conditions of insufficient and unstable moistening of southern zone of Rostov region, on experimental fields of the federal state scientific institution «ASС «Donskoy». For research, we have chosen the most common varieties of winter wheat (Tanais, Granite, Axinite, Terra, Donskoy prostor, Motto) and various combinations and combinations of mineral and organic fertilizers. The experiments were conducted on two predecessors: couples and peas. As the controllable parameters we had the productivity and quality of winter wheat. We have found a positive impact of the in-change of fertilizer on the studied parameters with a share of the variance of 96% and a high degree of correlation of 0,98. The marked increase in the productivity of winter wheat is up to 22% when using different versions of the experiment. We have identified rational combination doses of mineral and organic nutrition for predecessors: peas N40P60K40+2N30 and vapor – manure 40t/ha+2Р60+2N30
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abstract 1321708055 issue 132 pp. 666 – 684 31.10.2017 ru 425
The study considered production and social nature of peasant farms, stages of their evolutionary development to modern farming facilities. In addition, the data of peasant farms development in the Krasnodar region is presented, as well as the dynamics and structure of expenses and income in peasant farms, distinctive features and legal aspects of functioning of peasant farms from 1990 to the present time. We have noted contradictions in the legislation on farmers as special organizational-legal form of production in agriculture. Much attention is paid to the problem of land shortage, additional acquisition of land leases, the shortcomings in the lease and use of land shares are highlighted. We have proposed measures to improve the effectiveness of peasant farms activities, the development of inter-farm cooperation, small businesses in agriculture, information and consulting services as well as wholesale and logistics centers in the region