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abstract 1351801032 issue 135 pp. 238 – 253 31.01.2018 ru 363
The embryo passes a number of the stages caused by high-quality structural changes in development and following them growth periods. The periods of change of development for the periods of growth are critical and are most sensitive to influence of external factors. The developed differentiated mode provides sharp temperature increase of incubation in the critical periods of development of an embryo. High temperature at separate stages of an incubation has displaced metabolic processes of the developing embryo towards lipidic exchange, at the same time the cholesterol indicator in blood of skilled chickens has grown more than twice, and level alkaline phosphatase by 2,5 times. Synchronization of the hatching was reached due to reduction of the periods embryonic and output on about 10-12 of hours. Operating an embryogenesis in the period of incubation there is an opportunity to influence the level of productional processes of chickens during the post-embryonic period, average daily gains of live weight at cultivation of broilers increase on average by 5-7%