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Antipova Darya Valerievna

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FSBSI «Krasnodar Research Center for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine»

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abstract 1572003003 issue 157 pp. 27 – 42 31.03.2020 ru 23
The article presents the results of the study of microbiological composition of biohumus and humic substances obtained by fermentation method according to the technology developed by the authors. The problem of processing livestock wastes is caused on the one hand by the occurrence of large volumes of them, and on the other hand by the addition of such important elements as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., which can be used as bioelements. The goal of research was to develop a technology for the production of humic compounds from biohumus and to study the microbial communities that occur in them. Results of researches showed that for biohumus with high content of humic substances, bovine manure must be composted with chopped straw at the ratio of 8:1. Biocomposting of manure and crushed straw using the developed technology enables to obtain biohumus containing humic substances of 20 g/l. Among the physiological groups of biohumus microorganisms, the most numerous groups are aminoautotrophies and ammonifiers - 231.6×106 and 130.33×106 CFU/g, respectively. At the same time the grouping of cellulose-decomposer actinomycetes in biohumus was quite numerous and amounted to 0.93×103 CFU/g.