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Karmanova Anna Valentinovna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1341710064 issue 134 pp. 793 – 803 29.12.2017 ru 306
In the article, general question of material stimulation of workers are considered. There are given the definitions of concepts "interest", "motive", "motivation", "stimulus", "material stimulation", shown the main problems that are related to the motivation of workers and employers, whose solution is closely related to the successful, realization of the program for the development of the agro-industrial complex. The main reason for the shortage of labour in agriculture is a low level of wages that does not meet the needs of the population. Forms and wage systems in agriculture are justified by the features of agricultural production, payments in kind are applied. In connection with the policy of import substitution carried out by the state, the out flow labour from rural areals hoes decreased. To increase the efficiency of agricultural production it is necessary to carry act various measures including on stimulating workers of the agrarian sphere. It is expedient to divide wages into the main and additional parts while the guaranteed and variable share varies depending on the quality of labour. The use of new incentives for labour activity would make it possible to build a more effective labour incentive system with the use of which the employee will be an interested commodity producer, the owner of the products and resources