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Chugunova Natalia Urievna

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Amur State University named after Sholom Aleichem

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abstract 1301706087 issue 130 pp. 1198 – 1209 30.06.2017 ru 50
The article is devoted to one of the most effective modern means of promotion - direct marketing, which is provided with the help of high integration of marketing functions, high targeting, speed and interactivity are achieved in cooperation with target audience, and rationalization of communication costs is ensured. Direct marketing is described from three positions: as a distribution channel, which ensures the sale of the firm's product directly to the end consumer without the participation of trade intermediaries; as a means of promoting products, based on the use of databases and the combined usage of several forms of communication with the target audience; as a special kind of marketing activity (in a virtual environment). The authors refer direct marketing to synthetic marketing communication, formed on the basis of combining two key types of promotion - personal selling and advertising. The article deals with the key principles of using direct marketing and the main forms of its implementation. The article draws your attention to categories of suppliers that form direct marketing services. The types of organization of the communication process are distinguished through direct marketing, the stages of planning and implementation of the direct marketing campaign are described in details
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abstract 1301706069 issue 130 pp. 946 – 957 30.06.2017 ru 85
In a highly competitive environment, companies strive to apply new information technologies in their communication activities using the Internet. One of these technologies is the official website of the company, and nowadays the landing pages are gaining popularity and importance. The authors describe a number of principles, which are used by modern developers of multi-page and one-page sites. In addition, the article classifies the directions of the official website of the company. The authors have proved the advantages of landing pages against conventional web resources
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abstract 1301706051 issue 130 pp. 739 – 748 30.06.2017 ru 172
The article presents an analysis of the results of the study of the ability to put aims in modern youth. Putting aims is considered by the author as a design competence that has got great importance, both in social design and in planning the prospects of one's own life. We have identified the existence of problems in the design of their own life prospects for young people. At the pilot study level, it can be confidently asserted that goal-setting as a design competence is not formed at the proper level among young people and therefore it requires special attention on the part of educational authorities and youth policy
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abstract 1271703027 issue 127 pp. 404 – 415 31.03.2017 ru 226
The concession is understood by the authors as one of the main ways of creating, denoting or highlighting the meaning of inferiority in the media text. The main function of the concessionary relations is the realization of the contradiction of the ineffective basis (the concession event) and the actual effect that is contrary to it, contrary to what is expected. The article gives a typology of concessive constructions as constituents of the concession field. There is the incompatibility of two situations in such constructions, their mutually exclusive nature is established and it is confirmed that there is the simultaneity of the coexistence of these situations. The paper analyzes the representativeness of the real-concessional, concomitantly-presumptive and intensively conceding situations. The authors classify concessions in the structural-semantic aspect, revealing additional values (restrictive, comparative, connecting, conditional, etc.). The material of the study is constructions, seized by the method of continuous sampling in the amount of 500 units from the certain Internet publications and newspapers. It was applied the method of continuous sampling and the synchronous-descriptive method, including the methods of classification, systematization and analysis to the analysis of linguistic material. The authors of the article come to the conclusion that in the field of conciseness of modern media text, the leading modification of the significance of a concession is the actual concession value. The semantics of the concession is represented in the language of journalism by a multidimensional system of means for formalizing the relations of inverse conditioning