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abstract 1311707009 issue 131 pp. 79 – 99 29.09.2017 ru 46
The article deals with the energy security of Russia in conditions of sanctions and the globalization of the modern economy in the world community. It is substantiated that energy security is the main factor of political and socio-economic stability of each state. Russia is not an exception. For many years it has been the world's largest net exporter of oil and gas, mainly due to the weakness of the economic system, the main problems of the oil refining industry are considered, given The definition of energy security, the energy security of Russia is analyzed in the conditions of the crisis. An estimation of the export of domestic goods is given, the reserves of the regions are considered according to the level of extraction of oil resources, the rating of the largest oil companies is determined by the level of average daily oil production. It is concluded that for a successful export, the redistribution of significant oil reserves between regions within the country will require a relatively long period, not one or two years. It was revealed that the level of domestic production is not fully capable of providing consumers with the necessary products For which Russia implements the policy of modernization and reconstruction of the fuel and energy complex. Russia has been one of the leading oil exporters for many years, the main indicators of the oil sector have been examined, the definition of economic security and energy security has been defined. The energy security of Russia is analyzed in the conditions of the crisis, as well as the globalization of the world economy. A brief description of the energy security policy of the Russian Federation is given. An assessment is given of both the world oil sector and the Russian oil sector, based on this assessment, a conclusion has been drawn about the deteriorating conjecture of the oil industry. A correlation-regression analysis of the effect of oil prices on the quotes of the Russian ruble was conducted, and on the basis of the findings it was concluded that the Russian economy is in a sufficiently strong dependence on oil prices. The possible variant of reducing such dependence through the increase in the role of SPIMEX in the international arena and the creation of an oil benchmark in the Russian Federation is considered and described