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Spasova Nataliya Eduardovna

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Kuban State Agrarian University

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abstract 1051501009 issue 105 pp. 187 – 208 30.01.2015 ru 436
The article considers current trends and unsolved problems in studies of the origin and evolution of communication in nature. Distinctive features of natural language, its biological, cognitive and sociocultural foundations are revised from the perspectives of new findings in this field. The article also investigates the main characteristics of primal and basic forms of "communication" (e.g. in bacteria and plants). It is argued that to them are more applicable non-representational models of communication, because they are not based on the representation of meanings or the processes of cognition and interpretation. On the example of the acoustic signals of birds and primates it is shown that they have such linguistic features as referentiality, plasticity and sociocultural heritability. Discovery of the faculty, for instance in some species of birds, for a "semantically compositional communication" ("semantic compositionality"), reveals also the presence of the "protosyntax" in animal communication. Considered studies enable to bring together features of communication in nature and natural language and to see the evolution of communication as the more gradualistic process than previously thought. Nevertheless, it is emphasized that there is a need for the development in the modern studies the socio-cultural approaches to communication that take into account the non-genetic inheritance system and the cumulative nature of culture
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abstract 1181604037 issue 118 pp. 675 – 691 29.04.2016 ru 441
The article is devoted to the analysis of positions of some philosophers who negatively estimate a role of equipment in human lives and societies. It discusses the philosophical concepts of E. Yunger, F. Yunger, M. Heidegger, K. Jaspers, etc. Besides, the authors of this article address to A. Schopenhauer, F. Nietzsche, M. Makklyuen's heritage. In this work it is shown as methods of formalization and symbolization in science are transferred to areas of humanitarian knowledge and spiritual life, impoverishing them, turning "the understanding thinking in estimating". Calculation becomes a sign of the mechanized reality in which education, work, household submit also to the principles of mechanization. Extrapolation of mechanics to all the spheres of human existence leads to destruction of the humanistic principles: the world as mechanical system is the world where one element can be replaced with another where each part represents only object for studying and manipulation. In the article we also describe tendencies of transformation of people into masses on the basis of the rational estimating tradition of Modern times. Thus, in this work the problems menacing to the essence of "human" are being put and the message for further searches of the way of permission of the question of dehumanization in connection with technical development is formulated, when it is impossible to refuse it completely