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Trishkin Ivan Borisovich

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Ryazan State Agrotechnological University named after P.A. Kostychev

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abstract 1241610018 issue 124 pp. 346 – 365 30.12.2016 ru 618
One of the promising directions of development of agriculture of the Russian Federation is to increase the production, improve the quality and decrease the cost of potato cultivation. Annual cleaning is one of the most intense and costly in transport and technological processes. Potatoes - blending high culture and very picky about cleaning. The highest yields and income from potato production get where embedded technology to optimize energy and labor costs. The main (though not only) the special technical means used during machine harvesting potatoes, are potato harvesters. The main problem when cleaning is a problem of balancing conflicting requirements to the process and possibilities of agricultural machinery. Including increasing the purity of the tubers in the container with one hand, minimization of losses and damages of tubers on the other hand, when the performance of equipment. In this article we propose a circuit-design solution separating the working body of the potato harvester that allow for cleaning to significantly reduce the amount of traumatized potatoes in the process of separating soil and vegetable impurities, creating the preconditions for the elimination of damage to the tubers on the hard side of the working bodies of harvesting machines. Informed choice and timely use of plug-in modules (separating working bodies) in modern potato harvesting machines at work in specific climatic conditions allows them to fully match the list of regulated agronomic requirements. Thus, the creation of new science-based technical solutions for a separation of the organs of potato harvesters is an actual scientific-technical task, which makes a significant contribution to the development of the country