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abstract 1281704008 issue 128 pp. 146 – 153 28.04.2017 ru 460
Potato has been and remains one of the five world's most important crops. For nearly two hundred years potato in Russia is the "second bread". This is one of the so-called social products. Over the past 20 - 25 years of potato farming in our country, there have been significant changes, both positive and negative. Today, potatoes are grown in different soil and climatic conditions in more than one hundred countries around the world, including the desert oasis and beyond the polar circle. Potato cultivation Center recently has moved to Asia. In our time, the leaders of potato production are China, Russia, India, the US and Ukraine. Over the past few decades the number of produced potatoes has increased by 41% and the area under potato planting only 9.5%. From the above data it is clear that the world potato economy in recent years has got significant changes, indicating that the timeliness and relevance of the material in this article is true
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abstract 1231609010 issue 123 pp. 169 – 192 30.11.2016 ru 643
In agriculture the issue of enhancing the efficiency of operation of internal combustion engines (ICE), reducing the costs of maintenance (TO) and repairing (TP) fuel supply apparatus (TA) using the improvement of methods and means of diagnosis is a topical in connection with the aging rolling stock farming and lack of investment. Analysis of the known TA diesel engine vehicles systems showed that the most widespread system is the divided type with multiplunger high pressure fuel pump (fuel pump), while the methods of its diagnosing are laborious, they require partial disassembly and have insufficient accuracy. The mathematical models that characterize the work of a high-pressure fuel pump (fuel pump) use a large number of parameters that significantly affect the quality of dynamics of the change of pressure values of diesel fuel. However, in the materials of previously published articles there were no issues considered assessing the extent of the quantitative impact, performance and features change in the sensitivity settings of the mathematical models on the simulation results, there are no recommendations on the degree of sensitivity and importance of each of the parameters. For a more accurate diagnosis of the fuel supply apparatus of a diesel engine it is advisable to use several methods of diagnosing. The article substantiates development of a mathematical model of a high-pressure fuel pump based on the analysis of modern methods of diagnosing of fuel equipment for autotractor diesel engines
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abstract 1141510073 issue 114 pp. 952 – 977 30.12.2015 ru 1036
Material and technical resources form a large part of the costs in agricultural production and determine the level of intensity of agriculture, productivity and competitiveness of the industry. The most important role in agricultural production is played by transport operation, from productivity and quality of which directly depends the volume and the grade of final products. More preferable is tractor transport, particularly for on-farm transport, taking into account the impact of navigation systems on the ground. Continuous growth in the saturation of tractors carried out around the world, improves the performance of tractor transport aggregate by increasing their capacity and speed, either on the road or in the field. However, if you increase the saturation of tractors, it encounters problems related to the deterioration of the controllability of the tractor and transport unit. The reduced controllability leads to an increase of damage to transported agricultural products owing to increased oscillatory processes in the system of "road – trailer – tractor – operator" when driving on-farm trails, deteriorating the smoothness and braking properties. Especially sharp these questions relate to transportation of easy-to-damage agricultural products at farm transportation. The feature of data traffic lies in the sharp drop in grade products (products receive numerous mechanical damages, deteriorating its quality, and lose marketability and accordingly reduced its cost). Influence on fruit and vegetable products of unfavorable factors can lead not only to a dramatic loss of quality at the time of transportation, but also reduce the resistance during further storage. To solve the problems emerging when increasing the saturation of tractors, we have proposed devices, allowing reducing negative impact on the production of elevated oscillatory processes, to increase the permeability and straightness of movement of tractor-transport unit
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abstract 1181604061 issue 118 pp. 1001 – 1025 29.04.2016 ru 676
The article presents a technical diagnostics of a car as a complex of goals and tasks connected with trouble-shooting of mechanisms and systems in order to eliminate them. We have considered the stages of computer diagnostics of different automobile systems such as diagnosing the engine, the brake system, steering and suspension. We have analyzed their components, the ways of troubleshooting and elimination recommendations. The article presents the main troubles transferred from the electronic control unit. The article also presents the stages of diagnosing the engine including external examination, listening to abnormal noises, checking the operating fluids and the engine management system, diagnosing the basic engine systems and checking the cylinders being filled. The article contains the list of main troubles and their reasons. One can also see diagnosing the brake system, its defects and remedies. The article presents diagnostics and repair of the suspender and graphics describing the check of the dismantled shock strut at the stand and tests of the shock strut without being dismantled. We have analyzed computer diagnostics and the problems it solves
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abstract 1141510075 issue 114 pp. 988 – 1003 30.12.2015 ru 941
Potato is cultivated in 130 countries on an area of over 18 million hectares; it annually gives more than 300 million tons of tubers. The share of the Russian Federation accounts is about 11% ... 14% of total production. The resulting potatoes consumed in food, animal feed, technical purposes, seed fund. According to the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, the largest number of potatoes in our country (89 %) is produced in peasant farms and personal farms of citizens, the area of cultivation of which make up about 2.7 million hectares. At such farms for the harvest, they use mainly potatodiggers, followed by selection of crops manually. The use of diggers in small areas of planting is more costefficiently in relation to the harvesting combine. In addition, the parameters requested for ATT to damage potatoes when harvesting with the diggers (3%) are higher than during harvesting by combine harvester (5%). As practice shows, for the use of cleaning units, even under optimal harvesting conditions in the hopper of the combine, there are soil and vegetable impurities. There are many different devices intended to localize the problem. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that it is necessary to pay considerable attention to the quality of work of excavating working bodies, because it affects the productivity of the functioning of the whole machine. Currently, there are widespread potato aggregates with the receiving part, equipped with side disks, spaced along the edges of the plowshares. The disks cut off the raised layer of soil from between the rows. This entails improving the performance of the potato harvester. The most efficient and economical from the point of view of energy consumption, is the work of passive disks with hooks. The quality of potato harvesters depends on the design and performance of excavating bodies. The proposed design solution for an excavating body increases the productivity of harvesting machines
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abstract 1241610018 issue 124 pp. 346 – 365 30.12.2016 ru 619
One of the promising directions of development of agriculture of the Russian Federation is to increase the production, improve the quality and decrease the cost of potato cultivation. Annual cleaning is one of the most intense and costly in transport and technological processes. Potatoes - blending high culture and very picky about cleaning. The highest yields and income from potato production get where embedded technology to optimize energy and labor costs. The main (though not only) the special technical means used during machine harvesting potatoes, are potato harvesters. The main problem when cleaning is a problem of balancing conflicting requirements to the process and possibilities of agricultural machinery. Including increasing the purity of the tubers in the container with one hand, minimization of losses and damages of tubers on the other hand, when the performance of equipment. In this article we propose a circuit-design solution separating the working body of the potato harvester that allow for cleaning to significantly reduce the amount of traumatized potatoes in the process of separating soil and vegetable impurities, creating the preconditions for the elimination of damage to the tubers on the hard side of the working bodies of harvesting machines. Informed choice and timely use of plug-in modules (separating working bodies) in modern potato harvesting machines at work in specific climatic conditions allows them to fully match the list of regulated agronomic requirements. Thus, the creation of new science-based technical solutions for a separation of the organs of potato harvesters is an actual scientific-technical task, which makes a significant contribution to the development of the country
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abstract 1241610016 issue 124 pp. 314 – 329 30.12.2016 ru 635
At the present time there is a problem in storage of agriculture machine-tractor park, because when operating of agricultural machinery parts thereof are covered by contamination. The most heavily becomes dirty machinery working in the toughest conditions. Pollution promotes decrease the operational reliability, accelerating of corrosion and aging, reduce the quality of maintenance service and performance technique. One of the number of important factors when setting technique for storage is the clearing of by of various types pollution, because the during storage of cleaned surfaces, components and parts are subjected still greater destruction and corrosion. Removal of various kinds of pollution is an important technological process which has a significant impact on the preservation of appliances, performance of work, the quality of the repair and maintenance of cars, culture, production and human health. The article contains a classification of contamination depending on the difficulty of their removal and density, basic information on techniques and devices for purification of units and parts of agricultural machines, as well as on substances used for this. We have reviewed bombardment of surfaces with contaminated carbon dioxide ice particles that leads to its full destruction. We have improved technology and created a universal device and the experimental plant for cleaning parts and assemblies prior to storage, which are not only inferior, but also in the majority superior to technical and economic performance of existing analogues
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abstract 1241610017 issue 124 pp. 330 – 345 30.12.2016 ru 397
The carried out analysis studies the influence of various factors on the preservation of agricultural products and shows that it is largely determined by design features of machinery and technological methods of use. The efficiency of agricultural and mobile trailer machines has been forming by service and storage. Low quality of work associated with the storage of agricultural machines is conditioned by the fact that the lack of financial capacity of rural producers on acquisitions of modern equipment and materials for carrying out the preparation of for long storage, and also the construction of modern agricultural machinery storage sites. If a car can be fully or partially protected from the solar radiation, rain and snow, simply by removing it in the room, under a canopy or covered with a protective cover, by the formation of condensation on the surface of the machine units and parts these ways to protect do not work. Enhancing of preservation of agricultural machinery is possible when protecting the vehicles from atmospheric precipitation in the form of snow and rain, influence of solar radiation, and also due to the change heat exchange processes of the machine with the environment that prevents the formation of moisture condensate on its surface, ie. we have to create conditions when cooling rate at which the surface of the machine would be equal to or less the rate of cooling air. This is possible through the use of a special design, which would prevent the intense heat radiation of the machine into the environment, ie, would reflect heat rays using its surface and return them to its surface and thus fulfill the role of the heat shield